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What do you need to know before purchasing a shipping container?

The shipping containers that we normally carry come in three standard sizes. 20' Standard, 40' Standard and 40' High Cube. We typically stock both Used and One Trip boxes (as close to new as it is possible to get).  Used boxes come in a variety of colors including red, brown, blue, green, orange, grey and yellow, and can have surface rust, dings and maybe even some small dents. They are structurally sound and functional for a variety of needs.


We break our Used category down further into Wind and Water Tight (WWT) or Cargo Worthy (CW).  

Wind and Water Tight boxes indicate that they are older boxes and are going to have more wear and tear, these are going to be your cheapest boxes but still functional for many storage applications. 

Cargo Worthy boxes are pulled off the shipping lines sooner and so they have much less wear and tear.  They may still have some surface rust and small dings but overall will be in better cosmetic shape than the WWT units and will usually cost a little more because of their nicer condition. 

One Trip boxes are typically neutral colors such as beige, tan, and shades of grey.  Occasionally we have other colors in stock such as blue, or red, but most often they are beige or grey.  These are the nicest boxes you can get on the market.  They have been used once and the wear and tear will be minimal if there is any at all and they are much cleaner inside and out. Often, they come with higher specifications, and some of these include: lock-boxes on the doors, easy-open handles, extra vents, stake pockets, and upgraded floors. 

If you are looking for a different size please ask us! We are able to order many different sizes and container options that we may not keep in stock every day! We will make sure your needs are met!


When you are deciding which size of container to purchase, you will need to consider the spot you want to put it.  We will need 10 ft minimum width to back or pull into and 100 ft long straight in front for a 20' box, and 120 ft long straight in front of a 40' box. This allows the container to slide off the back of the trailer and for the truck and trailer to have space to pull out from under it.  If the space you have is too tight we can help you look into other options such as specialized equipment or a crane. 

All containers are manufactured with standard measurements and weight limits, these may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer but these will not be far off the industry standard.  If you need exact weight limits they will be listed on the individual container doors. 

Exterior: Length 20'0" Width 8'0" Height 8'6"

Interior: Length 19'4" Width 7'8" Height 7'9"

Door Opening: Height 7'5" Width 7'7"

1,172 Cubic ft, Empty Weight 5,071 lbs

55,126 lb Load Capacity

Exterior: Length 40'0" Width 8'0" Height 8'6"

Interior: Length 39'5" Width 7'8" Height 7'9"

Door Opening: Height 7'5" Width 7'7"

2,389 Cubic ft, Empty Weight 8,268 lbs

61,200 lb Load Capacity

Exterior: Length 40'0" Width 8'0" Height 9'6"

Interior: Length 39'5" Width 7'8" Height 8'9"

Door Opening: Height 8'5" Width 7'7"

2,660 Cubic ft, Empty Weight 8,687 lbs 

62,974 lb Load Capacity

Exterior: Length 45'0" Width 8'0" Height 9'6"

Interior: Length 44'5" Width 7'8" Height 8'9" 

Door Opening: Height 8'5" Width 7'7"

3,035 Cubic ft, Empty Weight 10,628 lbs

61,431 lb Load Capacity

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